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Condo Puts Up Warning Signs About Coyotes



    It's Fox Hollow, not Coyote Hollow, but the condominium complex in Windsor Locks has some unwanted residents -- coyotes.

    "I've actually brought out a baseball bat," Kathy Dymersky said as she walked her dog, Tucker. "Especially in the evening, when I can't see them as well as the daytime."

    Tucker hasn't seen a coyote, but if he did, Dymersky's afraid he'd go after it, even though a coyote would outweigh him by at least 25 pounds.

    Jasmine, a Japanese chin, hasn't seen a coyote either, but her owner, Mattie Murray, said, "I won't take her out back at all.  When it's dark, I only go in the area here in the driveway."

    Coyote Concerns

    [HAR] Coyote Concerns
    More and more coyotes are turning up in residential areas of Connecticut.
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011)

    Just last week, someone spotted a coyote behind her condo.

    "I saw one maybe a year and a half ago, on the road.  It disappeared when I drove toward him," said Joan Jordan. 

    "I do believe they're here because one of my neighbors said he's seen three of them last week, drinking in the river over there.  I look over my shoulder every time I walk outside," Richard DiPasquale said.

    There's a warning posted at the community's mailboxes, advising people to keep away from coyotes.

    If you have photos of animal sightings, send them to us by e-mail here.