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Chunks of Concrete Block I-95 Ramp



    Groton police close road before anyone is hurt by debris falling from overpass. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013)

    An entrance ramp to Interstate 95 was closed for several hours Tuesday night after chunks of concrete fell onto the roadway from the edge of an overpass.

    It happened in Groton on the ramp from Route 1 south to I-95.

    Drivers on the ramp called police to report the debris. No one was hurt and no vehicles were damaged, police said.

    "I would think that's really dangerous," said Kashia Hudson of North Stonington, eyeing one of the concrete blocks. "That could smash my window pretty bad."

    "If it got in the wrong place it could really do some damage." said Heather Geyer, who was traveling through the area.

    Concrete did get in the wrong place in Meriden last month, when at least 16 drivers reported damage to their vehicles in a similar incident, after concrete fell from the Murdock Avenue overpass.

    According to the state Department of Transportation, the debris in Meriden and Groton came from "haunches," concrete rims from construction molds of a generation ago. The haunches served no structural purpose.

    Workers in Groton pushed the chunks to the side of the ramp, after knocking off more pieces of concrete they found loose on the edge of the Route 1 overpass.