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Conn. Residents Battle the Heat



    Conn. Residents Battle the Heat
    Some Connecticut residents were fortunate enough to cool off with a dip in the pool. Others had to sweat it out.

    O say can you feel that heat!

    Many who had the day off enjoyed the 90-degree weather outside at the beach. But others, who had to work, went about business as usual.

    Pat Marcucci is a lifeguard at Quassapaug Outing Club in Middlebury, Conn. He says he stays cool by just doing his job.

    “Lots of water. Just drinking as much as I can. Trying to jump in every once in a while,” said Marcucci.

    But not everyone is fortunate enough to cool off in the water.

    “Usually we just go in the pro shop and get some AC quickly and then go back,” said Marcus Anderson, who works at the Stanley Golf Course in New Britain.

    Anderson spent the day collecting golf balls on the course. He and his coworkers said they survive because they’re never too far from relief.

    “We’re very lucky here,” said coworker George Wallace. “They have lots of hydration stations in and around the course. So it really helps me, [and it] helps the golfers out there too.”

    Lily Donatelli wasn’t too far from the pool. But as camp counselor responsible for keeping an eye on the children, she stood guard and watched from the sidelines.

    “Well I love being outside. I love working with kids, so that’s what kind of motivates me every day. And I guess I don’t really mind it,” said Donatelli.

    And folks made a splash at Quassy Amusement Park. Park management checks every detail of the schedule to make sure employees are staying cool.

    “For a small operation like this we have 350 employees,” said park president Eric Anderson. “So it’s all part of that rotation to make sure everyone is protected, safe and on the ball when they’re working.”

    And with a brand new water slide as the main attraction, Steve Miller, who directs traffic coming into the park, was prepared for a long, hot day.

    “[I’m drinking] a lot of water. A lot of water,” said Miller.