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Residents Get Ready for Bitter Cold to Come



    Residents Get Ready for Bitter Cold to Come
    AAA changes a car battery affected by the cold.

    People across Connecticut are getting ready for a snowstorm that could bring below-zero temperatures later this week.

    Gas stations along the Berlin Turnpike were packed Wednesday night as dozens stocked up on gasoline for their snow blowers.

    Nikhil Mehta said he was worried about the storm and expected plenty of snow at his home in Berlin.

    “Five, six inches maybe a little more,” Mehta said.

    People also made sure their cars had a full tank, unsure of what the weather would bring when work let out on Thursday.

    “Hopefuly things will close early,” said Tom Greca of Canton, a courier for a local hospital who was worried he would get stuck in the storm. “I usually go to Canton on Route 44 so hopefully it won’t be so bad."

    The bitter cold was another big concern across the state. Recent freezing temperatures have been draining car batteries and AAA can barely keep up.

    “I had about six to seven calls tonight. Usually I have four or five a day,” said AAA driver Sammy Lopez, who jump started a car in West Hartford on Wednesday night.

    Lopez said he expected to be swamped in the next few days when temperatures plummet.

    “Minus-five degree weather…I don't know what’s going on,” he said. Wind chill could be -10 degrees and Lopez has no choice but to brave the elements. “I'm working outside 10-to-11 hours,” he added.

    Temperatures are expected to be coldest toward the end of the storm Friday morning.