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Connecticut Companies Concerned About 'Obamacare'

Connecticut employers are sharing their concerns about the Affordable Care Act. Implementing the complex law is proving to be a challenge for many companies statewide.

A recent poll conducted by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association shows that 87 percent of businesses believe costs will rise.
CBIA is continuing to hold information sessions with companies to help them better understand the law.
The Max Restaurant Group is trying to prepare for Obamacare. Joann Gomes, the human relations director, is becoming an expert on the law.
"There's a ton of concerns," Gomes said.
The Hartford based company has 9 restaurants and 700 employees in Connecticut and Massachusetts.
"Our health care requirements are that you work 30 hours or above to be on the plan," Gomes said.
But that's part of the issue when it comes to the new health care law. Companies with 50 or more employees will get penalized for not offering insurance. Many of their servers and kitchen staff fluctuate above or below 30 hours any given week.
"Each restaurant has to be very efficient and manage their employee base and know who is at that 30 hour mark and whether we offer them health care or whether we no longer offer them health care," Gomes said.
The good news for companies like Max Restaurant Group is that the Obama Administration has delayed the employer mandate provision for another year.
"It will allow us to hone in on reporting, the administrative piece of it," she said.
Gomes has already been to seven health care reform training sessions. She said the company is trying to stay prepared to help their employees.