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Controversy Continues Over Yalie Nightclub Raid



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    Siede Preis
    Yale students arrested in raid are set to appear in court 4 months after the fact.

    The more time passes, the less seems to happen in the case of five students who were busted at a popular Yale haunt.

    The "Eli Five" will appear in court on Tuesday and the New Haven Police Department's Internal Affairs review of the incident might wrap up soon, the Yale Daily News reports.

    The arrests came after a police raid on Oct. 2 during a party at Elevate, a downtown club, where witnesses allege officers punched, kicked and arrested one of the students for no apparent reason.

    Shortly after the incident, a group of Yale students held a march to New Haven police headquarters to file civilian complaints over the raid.

    The Tuesday court appearance marks the fourth time the students have been scheduled for the pretrial hearing. The original date was set for Oct. 18, but a prosecutor in charge of the case requested more time to collect evidence.