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Court Acquits Man Charged in New Haven Carjacking



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    The man initially accused of a brutal carjacking in New Haven has been acquitted, according to the city court.

    Kareem Forrester was charged with kidnapping, robbery, carjacking and larceny in March of last year, and earlier this month, all charges were dropped, according to the court.

    The alleged victims, two women, told police last year that Forrester assaulted and robbed one of them, then sped off in their car with the other still in the passenger seat.

    According to defense attorney Stuart Hawkins, “the complaining witnesses provided the State’s Attorney a different version of events that lead to the arrest of Mr. Forrester. On June 4, 2014, the State’s Attorney advised Judge [Jon] Blue that because of ‘serious issues with their credibility’ the State was entering a nolle on all counts.”

    The charges were subsequently dismissed, and Hawkins said in an email Tuesday he hopes Forrester’s story will bring to light “the effects and consequences that can flow from the wrong of providing inaccurate and/or false statements.”