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Coyote Sightings Reported in New Haven’s East Shore Neighborhood



    Warning About Coyotes in New Haven

    Coyotes have been spotted in the area around East Shore Park in New Haven.

    (Published Tuesday, July 10, 2018)

    There is a warning to be on the look for coyotes in the East Shore section of New Haven.

    “Usually coyotes come out in the evening,” New Haven Police spokesperson David Hartman said. “If you see a coyote in broad daylight something may be additionally wrong.”

    People who frequently visit East Shore Park said it is common to see coyotes in the summertime.

    Even though attacks on humans are rare, police say the key is to stay away and not engage coyotes, especially when you’re with a four-legged friend.

    NBC Connecticut captured video of a coyote in early May at Milford’s Silver Sands State Park.

    The recent reports of sightings have been by Morris Cove, East Shore Park and Tweed Airport in New Haven.

    “Make sure trash cans have lids that lock,” Hartman said. “If you’re having picnic bring everything in, even residue from cooking on a grill is going be enough to draw their attention.”

    Liz Berger brings her dog Roxy to East Shore park.

    “There is some concern,” she told NBC Connecticut. “I just keep her on a leash and make sure that if I see anything I keep good eye around me I pick her up and make sure she doesn’t get dragged off.”

    Berger’s friend Linda Cusano said she does not feel threatened by coyotes.

    “We go the other way,” Cusano said, “you know they belong here same way we do, they’re just looking to survive they’re not interested in you, they’re just looking (for) food.”

    Police encourage people to report coyote sightings to them so they can refer that information to the Department of Environmental and Energy Protection.

    “I guess I would call animal control right away if you do see one,” Berger said, “but I know this area is known for coyotes.”

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