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Danbury Mayor's Twitter Account Hacked



    Danbury Mayor's Twitter Account Hacked

    On Twitter you know him as @MayorMark. 

    "Certainly I opine about all things Danbury," Mayor Mark Boughton said.
    The Danbury mayor is an avid Tweeter so he knew something was wrong when he saw several postings out of the ordinary Wednesday night.
    "Some of my Twitter followers sent me mentions that somebody had hacked my account and posted three pictures," Boughton said.
    He said he may have been hacked through an old cell phone. He immediately alerted his 11,000 followers. 'Been hacked people,' he wrote Wednesday night.
    "We are currently using all of our CSI equipment to be able to track this thing down and bring those individuals to justice," he jokingly said.
    While this incident didn't cause any real problems, hacked Twitter accounts can wreak havoc. Just look at what happened earlier in the week when the Associated Press account was broken into and a Tweet was posted about the president being injured by bombs in the White House. The stock market took a nose dive until it was concluded that it wasn't true. The Secret Service investigated.
    Experts say the best thing you can do is to constantly change your password, make sure it's complex and don't click on suspicious links. Sites like Google, Twitter and Apple are strengthening security be requiring the pairing of a password with a code.
    Boughton said he has since changed his password but he's not going to give up Tweeting.
    "I can't be held back," the mayor said. "The Boughton Twitter feed will continue."