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Drinking Water Is Safe: Governor



    Drinking Water Is Safe: Governor
    Tim Graham
    The water is safe to drink, according to the governor.

    The drinking water in Connecticut is not contaminated after flooding from Superstorm Sandy, according to Gov. Dannel Malloy.

    During his morning news conference, the governor addressed rumors that drinking water has been contaminated in some parts of the state.

    “It is not true.  We do not have proof of any contamination. We believe that the majority of the public and private water sources are fine for drinking. We have no reported instances of contaminated drinking," Malloy said. "However, if you, yourself, on a well, have some fear about your water, then the best thing to do is boil it.”  

    Some towns have been providing updates on the status of water.

    Branford officials the public water supply is safe for drinking.

    Swimming is not allowed in the Sound and all shell fishing beds are closed. Bacteria levels rise after hurricanes and tropical storms. If your power is out for more than 24 hours, check the food in your refrigerator:

    Greenwich officials said a representative from Greenwich’s water supplier, Aquarion, has verified that the Town’s water supply is safe to drink. If there is any discoloration in your water, boil it for 10 minutes before you drink it.

    Home owners with a well water supply that has been affected by flood waters should consider their well water contaminated.  Until the flood waters recede, all well water must be boiled for a minimum of 10 minutes before it can be consumed.  After the flood waters have receded from around the well, the water should be disinfected with a chlorine solution before it is consumed.