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Residents Brace for Hurricane Sandy

Folks in East Haven and New Haven are bracing themselves for Hurricane Sandy.



    Residents Brace for Hurricane Sandy

    Residents and leaders in New and East Haven are bracing for Hurricane Sandy. The powerful category two storm threatens the area a year after Tropical Storm Irene left a path of destruction.

    For some residents who are still cleaning up after Irene, this storm comes too soon.

    “We’re in trouble. We’re in bad trouble,” said Tony Sacco, a New Haven resident.

    Sacco is preparing himself.

    “I don’t want to lose my house, but it could happen,” said Sacco.

    Tropical Storm Irene ravaged the back portion of his home last year. He’s since put up barriers and sandbags, but hasn’t been able to fully restore his home. Now, Sacco’s worried that Hurricane Sandy will wipe out his property.

    “If this storm gets out of control…we might get water all the way in.”

    Meantime, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano met with other leaders this afternoon to discuss an emergency plan for the city.

    “What we are expecting right now is a lot of water, and a fair amount of wind in the city.  That said, we are planning for a direct hit as well,” said Mayor DeStefano.

    Mayor DeStefano urged residents to pitch in and help clear leaves, so they don’t clog storm drains and make flooding worse.

    Leaders in East Haven also met this evening to discuss storm preparations.

    “I want people to take this storm seriously,” said East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo.
    Mayor Maturo urged residents to keep track of the storm and move inland to stay safe.

    “Please start thinking about leaving and make sure you have anything of value ready to go in your  car,” said Mayor Maturo.

    Moving away is a tough reality for Tony Sacco, who’s worried that if he leaves his home he’ll have nothing to come back to.

    “We might get wiped out this time because we have no protection,” said Sacco.

    For now, leaders aren’t certain whether evacuations will be in effect. They said they’ll wait and see how Sandy progresses before they make a call.