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9 Patients Injured After Van Crashes Into Salon



    An SUV crashed into the Pretty Nails salon in Stratford damaging the business, and sending 9 people to the hospital. (Published Saturday, April 13, 2013)

    Nine people are recovering after an SUV crashed right through the front of a Stratford nail salon.

    The incident happened just after 4:00 p.m.

    Emergency responders rushed nine people to the hospital including the driver and a child in the passenger seat.

    The salon is located at 411 Barnum Avenue Cutoff and police have charged the driver with operating under the influence. 

    Police said the injuries the victims suffered are not life-threatening.

    The driver of the vehicle, Dennis Leach, 46,  was taken into custody.

    "When the car came in I was just doing my job and I just heard pong," said Kai Tan, who was working at Pretty Nails this afternoon and in the middle of a manicure. "I turned around and saw a car over there and I just ran out."

    Stratford police tell us one of the 9 had a serious injury.

    A woman at the hair salon next door described the noise as like glass dominoes falling down. The crash knocked some of their products off the shelf but structurally their place is fine.

    Some of the victims shoes were all that remained as some Stratford residents stopped by the scene to watch the cleanup.

    "This is horrific. This is terrible," said Sonja Smallwood, who was running late to her appointment. "Yes thank god. Usually I like to come a few minutes early."

    The Stratford Police Department is investigating. The victims were taken to St. Vincent's and Bridgeport Hospitals.

    Inspectors said the nail salon is structurally sound, but there is no word and when it could reopen.

    If anyone has information concerning the crash, call the Stratford Police Department at 203-385-4158/4159.