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Ellington Passes No-Smoking Ordinance

Only 14 residents vote on smoking ordinance



    Ellington Passes No-Smoking Ordinance
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    Ellington residents came together at a town meeting last night to approve an ordinance that will ban smoking in public areas in town.

    The ordinance mandates:

    "No person shall use, carry or smoke a lighted cigarette, cigar, cigarillo, pope or use cannabis-type substance including marijuana... in any form in or upon any building, park, playground, recreation area, athletic facility, trail, beach or area of assembly owned, leased or controlled by the Town of Ellington... provided however, that signs with letters at least four (4) inches in height are posted in the area such as to reasonably warn persons that the area is subject to this No Smoking Ordinance."

    Ellington has a population of nearly 16,000, per the town website.

    According to the meeting minutes, only 14 residents came out to vote.

    The motion was passed 10 to four and the ordinance is set to take effect Aug. 30.