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Enfield Robbery and Assault Suspect Arraigned



    Enfield Robbery and Assault Suspect Arraigned
    Enfield Police
    Toby Berthiaume, 37, was arrested after allegedly attacking and robbing a 93-year-old woman at her Enfield home.

    The man Enfield police say assaulted a senior citizen in her home and then robbed her was in court Friday.

    Toby Berthiaume, 37, of Enfield, faced a judge on charges that he entered the home of a 93-year-old with severe dementia and attacked her before stealing jewelry, money and a television.

    Outside of Enfield Superior Court, Berthiaume’s parents said there was no way he could have done it.

    “Anyone that knows Toby knows that he could not have touched a 90-year-old woman,” said his mother, Diane Berthiaume.

    But that’s exactly what police believe Berthiaume, a father of one with a long history of armed robbery and assault charges, did on May 6, 2013.

    According to Enfield police, the victim said a man came to her door with a package, hit her and pushed her down, then robbed her. Cameras at a Springfield, Mass. pawn shop located eight miles from the victim’s home show Berthiaume selling the stolen items 29 minutes after the victim called her daughter to tell her what had happened.

    Cops also say Berthiaume and the victim live five houses apart.

    “If my son did this horrible crime, do you think he would be around? Do you think he would have stuck around and come home every single night?” asked Berthiaume's mother.

    The 93-year-old was not seriously injured, according to her grandson, Paul.

    “She's doing well. Besides a few stitches and bumps and bruises, she's doing really well,” he said.

    Neighbors think the assailant was casing the home and checking for cars in the driveway to determine when caregivers were with the elderly woman.

    “Obviously someone knew the schedule of her and her family,” said Joe Quinn, who lives next door to the victim.

    "We're disgusted by this man and hopefully justice will be served,” said the victim's grandson.

    Berthiaume's family hopes police have the wrong man.

    “We're just praying for this DNA to come back. Toby can't wait. He's in there [saying], ‘why hasn't the DNA come back yet… that will prove it wasn't me,’” said Berthiaume's father, Gary.

    Berthiaume's next court date is July 19. He is currently in jail on $350,000 bond.