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Extra Precautions Taken Before Fairfield Carnival



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    An annual Fairfield festival and fundraiser is a big draw, but there's no doubt people are thinking twice about carnival rides after more than a dozen children were hurt when a swing ride malfunctioned at last weekend’s Norwalk Oyster Fest.

    Fairfield police say they're being particularly careful at this year's September Fest.

    "I think we’re taking extra precautions just due to the fact that it’s the same company, it’s a very public event, it’s kind of like a parent's worse nightmare," said Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara. "They go there to enjoy the rides. They don’t expect those rides to somehow malfunction." 

    So just like every other time a traveling carnival comes to Connecticut, State police troopers checked each ride before giving the all clear.

    "They conduct a ride inspection every single time that ride is reassembled and moved," said State police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance.

    Vance said all of the rides passed inspection, meeting both state and manufacturer regulations.

    It's no different than the Norwalk Oyster Fest inspections.

    "It’s important to note that these are mechanical operating rides. They have transmissions. They have all types of movement and internal mechanical parts that just like your vehicle, could be subject to sudden failure," said Vance.

    The rides at September Fest do meet safety standards, and both inspectors and September Fest organizers are confident that parents and children should feel safe.

    Trumbull-based Stewart Amusement, the company that provides the rides at September Fest, also owns the rides featured at Oyster Fest.

    "There’s always some level of concern, but we’ve been dealing with Dick Stewart and Stewart Amusement for 15 years, and we’ve never had a problem like that, and we know that safety is his main priority," said September Fest co-chair Dan Ford.

    Stewart Amusement could not be reached for comment.