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Facing Deficit Malloy Boosts Education Funding

This is one of several spending plans the governor has announced



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    On the eve of his budget address, Governor Dannel Malloy announced his latest in a series of big spending initiatives.

    The governor wants to boost education aid for cities and towns by $152 million. In all, 117 municipalities would receive an increase in Educational Cost Sharing aid.
    For example, the City of Hartford stands to gain $4.4 million.
    While many lawmakers agree that education reforms are needed, there are big concerns inside the Capitol about the governor's budget.
    Over the past few days, Malloy has proposed some pretty big spending plans. They include:
    - $152 million for education funding over the next two years
    - $14.1 million for underperforming schools
    - $1.5 billion for UConn
    - $20 million for non-profits
    Governor Malloy stood by his proposals saying the state needs to invest in education and the state's workforce.
    "This is about priorities and you are going to hear that quite a bit tomorrow," Gov. Malloy said.
    Sen. John McKinney, the Republican leader, said the state just doesn't have the money.
    "We're facing a $2.5 billion dollar budget deficit and Gov. Malloy has decided to increase spending money ten percent over the next two years," McKinney said. "A $1.8 billion increase in spending."
    Republican lawmakers got a look at some of the details of the budget Tuesday morning.
    Sen. McKinney said many of the taxes that were set to expire this year, remain.
    "I've been here 14 years and this is the most dishonest budget I have ever seen," McKinney added.
    The governor will deliver his budget address Wednesday at noon.