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Tattooed Man Gets Paid For False Arrest



    Tattooed Man Gets Paid For False Arrest
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    Ouch. Pretty hard to see or not see tattoos. So how did cops miss this little clue?

    Bridgeport's City Council has approved a $250,000 payment to a city man for his false arrest and imprisonment in 2002.

    Christopher Russo spent 217 days in jail, claiming he didn't commit the crime.  This settlement puts an end to the federal lawsuit he filed. 

    Russo sued after he was held as a suspect in the holdup of a gas station in 2002. He insisted he was innocent and the surveillance tape would prove it.

    Several months later investigators looked at the tape and a prosecutor dismissed the charge.

    The tape reveals that Russo, whose arms are heavily tattooed, could not be the person who held up the gas station.

    Mayor Bill Finchtold the Connecticut Post that he was upset that taxpayers have to pay for the mistakes of police officers:

    "Why are the employees not culpable?  This man was incarcerated way too long.  But the only one paying the bill is taxpayers."