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Families Say Gun Control Focus Should be on Cities



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    Residents of Connecticut's cities say gun violence has been going on for decades and they want to stop it.

    "When is enough, enough?" asked Kim Mozell, a parent of a 19-year-old who was killed in New Haven.
    Mozell's son, Thomas Mozell, Jr. was gunned down in New Haven last March. Mozell says she and her neighbors have to worry about violence every day.
    "It's just a tragedy," she said. "Every day. Every day."
    She added that it's sad it took a tragedy like Sandy Hook to put the issue in the spotlight.
    "I'm sorry that that happened but it took that for them to look at the inner city again," Mozell said.
    There's a push by some to pass even tougher gun control laws to target urban violence.
    Proposals backed by Connecticut Against Gun Violence, include a registration of all handguns with an annual renewal and restricting handgun sales to one month.
    "The one gun a month proposal is supposed to make it more difficult for traffickers to apply their trade," Ron Pinciaro, said.
    He added that it will cut down on the amount of illegal guns. Gun rights groups say it won't.
    "One gun a month has failed everywhere it's been, does nothing," Robert Crook, of the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen, said.
    His group supports a gun trafficking task force, something Crook said has been underfunded.