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Father's Shooting of Son Ruled a Homicide



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    Griswold man's shooting of son who attacked both parents has been ruled a homicide.

    A bizarre and tragic family confrontation just got more complex.  

    The medical examiner has ruled the death of a 24-year-old Griswold man who stabbed his parents a homicide.

    David Gemeasky Jr. stabbed both of his parents with a knife on Saturday night, police said, and then his father, David Gemeasky Sr., 45, shot his son in the chest.

    The father is in fair condition at William Backus Hospital. His wife, Tamara Brennan, 43, was treated and released.

    An attorney who represented the younger Gemeasky after an incident at his parents' home in August told the Hartford Courant that he was shocked to hear of his former client's death because he seemed to be heading in the right direction.

    Ronald Stevens said Gemeasky had seemed happy recently when a judge placed him in a special probationary program. The stabbing and shooting incident occurred just 10 days after that court proceeding.

    "When I left him in court that day, I wished him well and thought, 'We've got this one going in the right direction,'" Stevens told the Courant. "This is just horrible. No one in the system saw this coming."