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Grand Jury to Examine Dillon Stadium Project



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    Federal investigators are now looking into the Dillon Stadium project in Hartford, according to sources.

    A subpoena was delivered Thursday morning to Hartford's town clerk who later had the document sent to Mayor Pedro Segarra.

    The documents ask for any and all information relating to the Dillon Stadium project that went down in flames over the past week.

    The Hartford Courant initially reported that James Duckett, the primary developer and owner of Hartford City FC, the team that was to call a new stadium on the Dillon site home, had a federal embezzlement conviction against him. It also came to light that had previous issues with both personal and professional debts.

    The Troubleshooters team with NBC Connecticut had previously reported on the invoices with ballooning costs once Duckett, his firm Black Diamond Consulting LLC, and Premier Sports Management Group got involved.

    NBC Connecticut confirmed Thursday morning the existence of the subpoena.

    In a statement, Mayor Pedro Segarra acknowledged the existence of the subpoena and said, "We welcome the process and are eager to cooperate to protect the City and its residents. We hope this will shed light on if, or where, any potential mistakes were made."

    City Council President Shawn Wooden, and Council Member Ken Kennedy who was the most vocal support of the Dillon Stadium and professional soccer project declined comment on the subpoena.

    Council Member Larry Deutsch, a member of the Working Families Party, had voiced concerns and reservations about the development since day one. He says, unfortunately, the existence of a federal grand jury, vindicates him and his worries.

    “The proposal went a certain distance before city council but it never had any data, any financial support, any timetables and yet we were asked to approve the thing" Deutsch said.

    A representative for the City of Hartford must appear before the grand jury at 9 a.m. on November 17 at the Giaimo Federal Building in New Haven, according to the subpoena.