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Firefighters Credit Dog With Saving Owner in Middletown



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    Firefighters have rescued a Middletown man who became trapped upside down in a five-foot hole, and officials said they have his dog to thank.

    A Middletown man became trapped in a five-foot hole outside his home this evening, and thanks to his loyal four-legged friend, he was rescued and pulled to safety, firefighters said.

    Fire officials said the man fell into a giant hole near his house on Bartholomew Road earlier this evening and was trapped upside down with only his ankles showing. They credit the victim’s dog with saving him – firefighters said the dog was outside with his owner when it happened and continued to bark until the victim’s wife went outside to see what was happening.

    The man is in the hospital recovering from minor injuries. Fire officials said he’s expected to make a full recovery.

    It’s not clear how he ended up in the hole, or what he was doing at the time that he fell.

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