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Woman Calls Foul Over Shrinking Flock

Fifty-nine birds disappear at a time woman is battling with the town over chickens.



    Woman Calls Foul Over Shrinking Flock
    A Pawcatuck woman wants to know where her chickens went.

    Selling her chickens would have been hard enough, but losing them to a thief has Amanda Kettle inviting reporters to her chicken farm in Pawcatuck.

    "I had noticed that some of my younger birds were kinda missing," she said, so she checked the cameras in her 200-square foot enclosure.

    "I didn't see any hawks, I saw no foxes, possums, raccoons, or anything like that," she said.

    So the next night, she counted her flock.

    "I had 58 birds," she said, not the 117 she thought she had, including her chicks and ducklings.

    "That 59 birds just cost me a thousand dollars," she said. "That's what I could have made."

    Four of the birds taken were her family's pets.

    She's not supposed to have a chicken farm under the town government's rules and said she was willing to sell her chickens to comply with the law.

    "It says that I can have cats, dogs and fowl. They're trying to tell me parakeets are fowl and chickens are grazing animals, like cows, sheep and goats," she said.

    She said the birds stopped disappearing after she reported on her Facebook page that she had re-positioned her security cameras. 

    "I don't want to point fingers at anybody.  I just want whoever did it to be honest with me and let me know it was them," she said. "Or, in the middle of the night, put my chickens back.  I want my birds."