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Milford Has Flocks of Problems With Geese



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    Canade geese congregate around duck pond in Milford.

    Ducks and geese have become permanent residents in the town of Milford. Especially the flock that hangs around the pond behind City Hall. Some might find them cute, but others think they've overstayed their welcome.

    "The ducks at least poop in the water, but the geese go on the sidewalks and the grass, and they aren't very polite. And lately it seems like there are more of them," Robert Gregory, the city's economic development director told the Connecticut Post." (I'd) like to find a solution everyone can live with." 

    City health director, A. Dennis McBride, admits they can be a nuisance but said it's not a health issue. He told the paper that if a child were to come into contact with bird droppings, there would be no need to take them to the hospital. They'd just have to wash their hands.

    Mayor James L. Richetelli Jr. said the town will not get rid of the geese. 

    "We try to keep the public places as clean as possible," he told the Post "Still, the droppings are unsightly and I don't know if it's just my perception but it seems like there are more geese lately than ducks." 

    In 2001, Richetelli suggested relocating the birds from downtown but quickly dropped the topic when business owners and some residents were up in arms over the idea.

    Milford isn't the only local spot to deal with the Canada geese.

    State laws offer them some protection. They are not protected to the point where you can't do anything about them, but they are migratory birds and you need a federal permit to remove them, said Dennis Schain, of the state Department of Environmental Protection, said.