Flooding Puts a Damper on Holiday Plans in Plainville - NBC Connecticut

Flooding Puts a Damper on Holiday Plans in Plainville



    Heavy rains Monday afternoon made for tough travel in Plainville. Many streets and parking lots were flooded with up to four feet of water. (Published Monday, Sept. 2, 2013)

    Towns across Connecticut are cleaning up after Monday afternoon’s downpours.

    Plainville was hit hard, and some sections were flooded with several feet of water.

    Driving through Plainville on Labor Day was a risk after heavy rain flooded parts of town.

    “Streets were just covered with water we couldn't get home,” said resident Hunter Sarlo.

    Flooding was especially bad on Hayden Street by Route 10. One parking lot ended up under four feet of water.

    “It came down within three minutes I swear to god,” said Nancy Bruttaniti. She tried making it through the mess on her way to a nearby laundromat and almost got stuck. “I went through it, now my brakes aren't working too well."

    A lot of that water went right into Korab’s Auto Body & Repair shop.

    “It's intense…a lot of water here we weren't expecting it today,” said the owner Destin Beckwith.

    As it rushed into this placer, workers scrambled to move customers’ cars to a safe spot.

    “Most of the time it comes up to the door, but this time we couldn't stop it. It just came right inside,” Beckwith said.

    Water got dangerously close to several homes on Burnside Avenue a few blocks down. There was so much water here, the road was nearly impassable at one point.

    “It’s awful it’s awful,” saidAnnette Wilson. She and her granddaughter couldn’t go anywhere for hours. “You can’t get out here. You’ll lose your breaks or something will happen,” Wilson said, adding that it ruined their plans to celebrate the end of summer on this holiday.