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Floor, Ceiling Collapse in Wallingford Building

Recent rain is likely to blame for the damage



    Heavy rains likely damaged a building on South Orchard Street (Published Friday, June 14, 2013)

    The floor and ceiling at a building on South Orchard Street in Wallingford both collapsed early Friday morning.

    That building housed three businesses. The owner, Andrew Carbutti, believes recent rain compromised the structure.
    "It's a disaster," Carbutti said. "Something we would have never suspected would have happened."
    Luckily no one was working inside when the collapse occurred. Desks, chairs, office supplies and computers were all piled up on the floor.
    Carbutti said the problem likely started in the roof.
    "We had an inkling that we had some wetness on our drop ceilings from last Friday's storms but it was obviously more than that," he said.
    The building was home to an appraisal company and a senior services center. They will have to be relocated. To complicate matters further there was a gas leak in the building. Crews had to dig up the road to shut it off.
    Carbutti said he's glad of his employees are okay.
    "I'm happy none of them were in there when it happened," he said.
    As of Friday afternoon the building was being boarded up.