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Former State Rep. Sentenced in Hartford Corruption Case



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    Former State Rep. Abraham Giles pleaded guilty on Tuesday to two charges connected to a corruption case in Hartford that sent former Mayor Eddie Perez to jail.

    Giles, 84, and Perez were investigated for the extortion of a developer who wanted to develop properties at 1161 and 1143 Main Street in Hartford.

    Giles paid the city $500 per month to run a parking lot at 1143 Main Street and he demanded $250,000 from the developer to allow the project to go forward, and then reduced the amount to $100,000, according to the state Division of Criminal Justice.

    Perez allegedly made satisfying Giles a condition of approving the project.

    Giles was arrested on Sept. 2, 2009 and investigators determined that he did not have a lease with the city.

    Giles pleaded guilty on fourth-degree attempt to commit larceny by extortion and conspiracy to commit larceny in the fourth degree by extortion.

    He was sentenced to six months, execution suspended, and a one-year conditional discharge. He will have to contribute $500 to the state’s criminal injuries compensation fund.

    Perez is serving a three-year prison sentence.