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Fornication 101 Lecture Sparks Debate at CCSU



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    There's little mystery behind a lecture called Fornication 101. But, there is plenty of debate about it at Central Connecticut State University.

    A sex educator named Megan Andelloux is giving the lecture, which she tells The Hartford Courant is a "study of how people experience the erotic and express themselves as sexual beings with an emphasis on jollies, attitude awareness, sexual skill building and health."

    Andelloux has talked at dozens of schools, including Yale, Wesleyan and the Universities of Connecticut and said she's never gotten negative comments about her work before, but she's been receiving e-mails calling her "disgusting" and that she was contributing to immorality, the Courant reports.

    Professors at CCSU are also putting their opinions on a university listerv.

    Mark McLaughlin, a spokesman for the university, told the Courant he thinks the negative reaction is based on misconceptions that taxpayer money is being used to pay for the lecture. TheRuthe Boyea Women's Center on campus and is sponsoring the event, which is paid for with private donations.

    The spokesman also thinks people are confusing the lecture with an academic course and that it's about sex rather than sexuality.

    "We feel, despite the provocative title, her presentation really does focus on health, sexual consent, and providing a frank and open, factual presentation designed to appeal to college students," McLaughlin told the Courant.

    The event is scheduled for March 8.