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Freezing Rain, Slick Spots Across the State



    Freezing Rain, Slick Spots Across the State

    Light freezing rain and drizzle is expected to spread across most of the state this evening.

    Temperatures are expected to be above freezing on the shoreline and below freezing  inland.

    The ground temperature will remain below 32 degrees across the state meaning any rain or drizzle that falls on the ground will freeze on contact.

    Temperatures are expected to increase tonight, and be between 45-50 degrees by Monday morning.

    "We've been watching the temperature very closely," said Wolcott resident Bill O'Brien. "We're watching out for black ice."
    "We expect the temperatures to go up above freezing shortly after midnight. There may be some rain, so we may have some icy patches," said Waterbury DPW Deputy Director David Simpson

    Simpson says material on the road from the last storm should help protect against any of those icy conditions, but crews will continue to monitor the streets. They won't just be searching for slick spots.

    With temperatures continuing to rise and some rain falling, snow and ice will begin to melt, so crews will have to watch out for the possibility of flooding. They'll monitor storm drains to make sure snow doesn't get in the way.
    "[Crews] will get out and clear the area and make sure the water flows in to the catch basin to keep it off the roadway," said Simpson.

    The state Department of Transportation also has crews on stand by if they are needed. They say that there is plenty of residual salt on the roads from this week's snow event that will help with any icing.

    The main concern is that with the road surfaces being so cold, any liquid precipitation that hits the road will freeze on contact.

    The D.O.T warns that any travel will be tricky and to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.

    Drivers heading to work in the morning may see large puddles and rainy conditions, but ice shouldn't be an issue by then. With frigid temperatures just around the corner, they know it'll be a major concern soon enough.