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Glastonbury Couple Hosted Underage Party: Cops



    Glastonbury police cite them for allowing minors to possess alcohol (Published Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013)

    Glastonbury police responding to an anonymous tip of underage drinkers at a party Friday night found a boy sick in the yard at 33 Hanover Field Road, and marijuana odors coming out of the basement of Christopher and Shawn Nixon.

    The Nixons are charged with allowing minors to possess alcohol, a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison, and a fine of up to $2,000.

    "There was about 100 kids inside the house," Jim Kennedy of the Glastonbury Police Department, said. "The house was shut down, blinds coming down, and we proceeded to identify the parents and identified all the kids that were there."

    It took a couple of hours before the guests were picked up by their parents, he said.

    "Some of the parents did the right thing and asked if the parents were home.  Unfortunately, I didn't think we were going to come to a time in our lives where we have to ask whether they're here and ask whether alcohol is gonna be served to minors," Kennedy said. "Obviously, we now have to ask those questions.

    At the Nixons' door on Tuesday afternoon there was no answer, though the voice of a woman yelling, "Don't answer the door" was clear.

    Neighbors on Hanover Field Road said the Nixons did everything in their power to control the party, but they couldn't control what kids did in the woods.  Police said the guests at the party weren't just underage they were all under 18.  Police found beer, liquor, and drug paraphernalia.

    "In my almost 20 years at Glastonbury High School," said Linda Anderson, a retired teacher, "I went to 14 funerals of students. There were a couple that were natural causes, but many of them were somehow related to alcohol or other drugs."