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Glastonbury Cracks Down on Signs



    Signs advertising a charity event or a new business might seem harmless, but the town of Glastonbury wants people to remove them, or it will.

    It's a little bit of a safety issue, but more of a clutter issue and signs technically shouldn't be there, according to town manager Richard Johnson.

    "It's the number, the clutter, the business of the downtown area," Johnson said.

    At issue are signs that dot the landscape, advertising businesses, charity events and, for much of 2012, politicians.

    Signs are allowed in some designated areas and businesses can put signs up on their own property.

    However, in most areas, like next to the road, signs are technically prohibited.

    "A lot of the non-profits want to get the word out about their program or their service or their location, but at the same time, it is in violation of the town building zone regulations and there really is an appearance issue,” said Johnson.

    Some people are happy the town is acting.

    "I don't like them because it distracts a lot of people. And, they don't know what way to turn. And, it's true. There are too many of them out," said Rose Reardon, who buys her morning coffee in Glastonbury.

    Others are not.

    "I don't think there's enough signs in town. If I had my way, I'd have signs everywhere. It's good for a small businessman," said Dave Letourneau of Glastonbury.

    Right now, the town doesn't really punish the signers. It just takes the signs. It is also sensitive to the situation, like not hurting a charity or keeping kids from a fundraising goal.

    Still, rules are rules and so the town is hoping to get the word out now to avoid a bigger sign situation in the future.

    "We would prefer voluntary compliance in getting the word out than taking some enforcement action," said Johnson.