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Governor Announces $31.4M in Budget Cuts

State Makes $31.4M in Spending Cuts

(Published Friday, Jan. 23, 2015)

Gov. Dannel Malloy has announced more than $31 million in rescissions to combat the state's predicted budget shortfall of more than $120 million.

A report released by the governor's office details the breakdown, which includes but is not limited to the follow:

  • $1 million in cuts from community technical colleges
  • More than $1.5 from the Connecticut state university system
  • $8.3 million from the Department of Developmental Services
  • $6 million from the judicial branch
  • $1.1 million from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
  • More than $1 million from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

The full list of rescissions is available online.

Malloy Shrugs Off Projected Budget Deficit

[HAR] Malloy Shrugs Off Projected Budget Deficit
GOP Lawmakers want a meeting with the governor and Democrats to discuss projected $120 million shortfall.
(Published Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015)

It's the second round of rescissions in the past two month and comes in the wake of a $50-million spending reduction that took effect toward the end of 2014.

Malloy said earlier this week he wasn't fazed by the predicted deficit, which seems small when compared to the state's $20 billion budget..

"We'll manage this just as we've managed other challenges in the past," he explained on Wednesday.

State Sen. Rob Kane, a Republican representing Watertown and ranking member of the legislature's Appropriations Committee, released a statement Friday afternoon applauding the latest round of cuts.

"Cutting spending is the way to fix our state’s financial crisis. We simply can’t afford more and more tax hikes in this state. We face multi-billion dollar problems in the years ahead. We need to stay focused on what taxpayers’ dollars are spent on, and go line by line in the budget to make cuts," Kane said. "The sooner we confront our state’s spending addiction, the better off Connecticut taxpayers will be in the long run. We have got to work together, as Republicans and Democrats, to do what is best for Connecticut."

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