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Governor Declares State of Emergency



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    The governor has declared a state of emergency.

    Gov. M. Jodi Rell has declared a state of emergency for parts Fairfield county and tens of thousands of residents remain in the dark after storms ravaged the state on Saturday.

    Signs of the storm’s destruction are everywhere in Fairfield county and the cleanup will be a monumental task.

    The Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security are assessing the damage across the state to determine if we are eligible to get help from FEMA.

    Fairfield County’s damage estimate would have to reach a minimum of $2.85 million to qualify for federal disaster assistance. For state government’s expenditures to qualify for federal reimbursement, the state would need to incur $4.39 million in costs.

    “Saturday’s storm was among the most destructive to ever hit Fairfield County and the damage is simply astounding,” Rell said. “Power lines are down, countless homes and businesses are damaged and thousands of trees – some as large as 5 feet in diameter – were simply bowled over.

    In many areas, power is just starting to return

    Westport, however, will likely remain in the dark until Wednesday night or Thursday morning because wires have been damaged and so many came down.

    “We have an expectation from CL&P that there will be full restoration of power by 8 Wednesday night. They feel very confident in that and I have no information to contradict that,” Westport Fire Chief Christopher Ackley said.

    Power outages have disrupted life. Houses have had no lights, depleted cell phone batteries sent people to stores to power up, cooking a hot meal was not possible and taking a hot shower is a luxury many have missed.

    The state Department of Transportation is working to reopen roads and shelters remain open through the lower part of Fairfield county, including at Norwalk's Brien McMahon High School and schools remain closed Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford and Westport on Tuesday.

    For information about getting help, see the state’s Web site.