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Governor Signs the Budget the General Assembly Approved



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    The governor has signed the budget that the General Assembly approved. 

    Gov. Dannel Malloy signed Senate Bill 543 into law Tuesday. 

    “You have given our cities and towns, our non-profit providers and others who depend on state services an added degree of certainty and predictability as the new fiscal year approaches,” the governor said in a letter to the members of the state legislature. 

    Malloy said he signed the bill “with the same caution I gave on the closing night of the session and that I have been sounding since I began my term as Governor in 2011.” 

    “Connecticut must focus on fiscal discipline and restraint today and in the years ahead. As such, it is important that we also note where the state must continue to make positive budgetary change if we intend to continue shoring up our budget reserves and preparing for whatever comes next,” Malloy wrote in the letter. 

    Read the governor’s full letter here.