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Graffiti Found in Three Towns

Taggers paint Conan the Barbarian quote on church.



    Police are looking for vandals who went on a graffiti spree across three towns. (Published Tuesday, March 5, 2013)

    Police are looking for vandals who went on a crime spree across three towns over the weekend.

    They targeted a church in Harwinton as well as places in Torrington and Winsted and investigators believe the crimes are connected.
    Parishioners at the Harwinton Congregational Church couldn’t ignore the spray painted graffiti on Sunday morning, including the phrase "Crom -- Grant Me Revenge," from Conan the Barbarian.
    “It was 6-feet wide and 8-feet high,” Tom Schoenemann said.
    The church has since been cleaned. 
    “It’s an intrusion if nothing else,” Schoenemann said.
    The taggers didn’t stop there. 
    Police said the same vandals sprayed obscenities on a giant billboard on Winsted Avenue in Torrington for thousands to see.
    Not happy with it at all,” said Charlie Giampolo, whose business was just feet away.  
    “We could be next. They could do it to anybody and it's not fair,” he said.
    The taggers made their mark at a condominium complex down the way.  They painted satanic symbols on signs and pillars at the front entrance. 
    “It’s a little too close to home and it’s not something you want to have in your area,” Giampolo said.
    A pizza shop in Winsted spent the day cleaning up graffiti too. 
    Investigators said it was definitely similar to the other cases.
    “The main thing that annoys us is that someone would do this in our community,” Schoenemann said.
    They were images people in these communities weren’t used to seeing and they had a message for whoever did this.
    “Get a life,” Schnoenemann said. 
    The hope is that police caught them before they could strike again.