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Great Pyrenees Missing From Danbury Since September



    Great Pyrenees Missing From Danbury Since September

    Danbury residents are coming together in an effort to bring home a beloved 120-pound Great Pyrenees thought to be stolen in September.

    “Alexander the Great” has been missing since Sept. 29, sparking a town-wide search to bring him home safely. A $1,000 reward is being offered in exchange for Alex’s return.

    "The dog is an icon in Danbury,” said the dog's owner, Hal Meeker of Meeker's Hardware. “Everybody in Danbury knows this dog. So the community has been very supportive. We've got vigilante groups out all over the place."

    Community members have banded together to help spread the word, search the area and hand out fliers

    “Alex is very friendly and everyone knows and loves him,” said Alex Valentine, a friend of Meeker’s. “The garbage men, mailmen and authorities within a 20 mile radius have been notified of Alex’s abduction.”

    Valentine added that Danbury’s homeless population has been instrumental in providing hints and tips that could hold the key to the dog’s whereabouts.

    At first Meeker thought Alex had slipped out of his collar while tied to a tree in the hardware store parking lot, but Valentine said a resident reported seeing a stranger make off with the dog.

    Now Meeker is suspicious and thinks he might have ended up in the hands of a breeder, in state or out.

    He said he’s been getting calls from people as far away as West Virginia. So far, Meeker hasn’t come any closer to figuring out where Alex could be but said he’s grateful for the help and support.

    Anyone with information about Alex’s disappearance or whereabouts is asked to contact Hal Meeker at 203-917-0778.