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Gun Buyback Exceeds Expectations



    Gun Buyback Exceeds Expectations
    NBC10 Philadelphia

    The first weapon authorities in Bridgeport bought in their December buyback was an assault weapon, an AR-15, one of 656 firearms brought in after the nightmare in Newtown.

    "I think this was an outpouring from our community that was testimony to how aghast we were at the tragedy that occurred there," Mayor Bill Finch, (D-Bridgeport) said while standing behind tables displaying a sample of the weapons.

    From "street-sweeper" to "Saturday night special" the guns, large and small, were all bought with $70,000 donated for the buyback. Police pay for the guns and ask no questions.

    "We just want to grab their guns and get 'em off the streets and pay cash for 'em," said Finch.

    The next buyback is March 2 in Bridgeport.