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Hartford Teachers Want Changes to Proposed Contract



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    NBC Connecticut

    Hartford teachers are expected to head to Bulkeley High School tonight to push for the board of education to make changes to their proposed contract. 

    Teachers said that what they’re being offered in the contract will hurt the school system and the students. 

    The board is proposing a two-year pay freeze, a reduction in sick days and changes to health care, according to the Hartford Federation of Teachers. 

    Hartford teachers have told NBC Connecticut that they’re already paying thousands of dollars for school supplies and some are working second jobs to make ends meet. 

    “In the last three years, I've spent over $10,000 just for school supplies for my classroom, “John Tusch, a Hartford teacher, said. 

    During a board meeting last week, several teachers said more of them have left in the middle of the year than ever before because of the contracts. 

    “This year is my 15th year in the classroom and I've seen more teachers leave mid-year than ever before,” Tiffany Moyer-Washington said. 

    With no agreement, the contract now goes to binding arbitration. 

    In a statement, the superintendent said they continue to negotiate in good faith and that "we have not and will not engage in discussion that could unintentionally derail our ongoing productive conversations." 

    The Board of Education meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. 

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