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Hartford Police Investigating Incident Involving Yard Goats Mascot



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    Hartford Yard Goats
    Chompers and Chew Chew are the Hartford Yard Goats mascots.

    Hartford Police are investigating an incident involving "Chompers," the Hartford Yard Goats mascot.

    The mascot was knocked down by at least one person on Asylum Avenue near Main Street on Wednesday night.

    Just before midnight, @ChompersTheGoat tweeted, "I was charged tonight and did get knocked down, but I'm going to be fine. Thank you for your support & well wishes. #CantKeepAGoodGoatDown"

    Jeff Dooley, the team's director of broadcasting and media relations, told the Associated Press that a prankster ran over Chompers after the mascot was leaving the Connecticut Science Center.

    The team was playing in New Hampshire on Wednesday, but the Yard Goats and Hartford police confirmed that the incident occurred in Hartford's Main Street area.

    Dooley said a car drove by the mascot, stopped and someone ran out and pushed him down. The man inside the suit, who wasn't identified, wasn't injured.

    Police said they are investigating whether this was an assault or an attempt at humor that went too far and they are looking for those responsible.