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Hartford’s Winterfest Needs $55,000 by Nov. 1



    Winterfest Fundraising Deadline Approaching

    The deadline to raise funds for Hartford's Winterfest is quickly approaching and if the goal isn't met, the popular holiday event will have to be scrapped for this year.

    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017)

    The deadline is soon approaching to raise funds for beloved holiday tradition in downtown Hartford so it has enough money to carry on for another year.

    “We're back here again, trying to close that small gap that we have," said Jackie Mandyck, managing director of the iQuilt Partnership.

    The city’s budget no longer includes money that goes to Winterfest and Mandyck is helping to raise $55,000 for the 40-day city event, which includes an ice rink, decorations and Santa Clause.

    "We really hope that we’ll have a lot more heroes in Hartford and that will be able to move forward with Winterfest this year," Mandyck said.

    Mandyck said the partnership has just two weeks to raise $55,000 and it will spend the next few days hoping for a holiday miracle in October.

    "We have to start building the rink on November 1 so we need to know by October 30 if we have all the dollars available to be able to produce Winterfest," Mandyck said.

    "It would be weird without it, I think, without the ice-skating rink," said Sarah Netz, who looks forward to her downtown neighborhood near Bushnell Park being transformed into a winter wonderland.

    “A lot more kids come, a lot more families, it's really nice. I love all the festivities they do around here,” Netz said.

    She is concerned the popular Winterfest tradition won’t become a reality if the funds don’t come through.

    "Hopefully they get it through, hopefully there's more donations like last year," Netz said.

    Netz hopes her walks with her dog will look more winter-like again soon.

    "I’ll be thankful and happy. I'll appreciate it I just like when it's a community setting and all the families come, It's nice," Netz said.

    If you’d like to donate you can head to WinterfestHartford.com.