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Sarah's Bronze and Broken, But No Longer Headless



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    Sarah's head can now be returned to the rest of her broken bronze body.

    Sarah Osgood’s head is no longer missing. The 120-year-old, 450-pound replica of the woman was reported stolen from Yantic Cemetery on Friday, Feb. 19, and the statue has shown up in pieces.

    On Tuesday, a Willimantic resident found the head in on a stonewall in a public park and brought it to the Willimantic Police Department. Police think that all the pieces of Osgood’s statue are now all accounted for.

    The statue, which is made of bronze, was valued in excess of $35,000 and police told the Norwich Bulletin that the metal was cut up for scrap. Other pieces of the statue showed up in a Willimantic scrap yard last month, police said.

    Police have arrested Sean P. McNee, 43, of Willimantic and charged him with first-degree larceny, first-degree criminal mischief and desecration of a grave site.

    Richard J. Chamberlain, 46, of Lebanon was charged with first-degree larceny, by possession.

    Norwich police said they expect to make more arrests.