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Homeowner Finds Woman's Body in Backyard

Police cordoned off the Hamden home with crime scene tape.



    A Hamden man made a shocking discovery on Thursday when he found a woman’s body in his backyard, according to police.

    Crime scene tape surrounded the house at 388 Woodin St. on Thursday evening.

    “You don't think it’s real, I really didn't think it's real,” said Raymond Bettley.  He called 911 when he opened his back door and saw something he never would have imagined. “I turned around and there was a dead body lying on the ground on my patio,” Bettley said.  

    Bettley said he hadn’t been in his yard or looked out there for a few weeks and wondered how long the woman had been there.

    Body Found in Hamden Man's Backyard

    [HAR] Body Found in Hamden Man's Backyard
    Raymond Bettley got home from work on Thursday with plans to do yard work, but found a woman's body in the yard.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 30, 2015)

    “It kind of gets you a little weirded out,” Bettley said.
    A woman was reported missing to Hamden police last week, but officers did not say if she is the woman found behind the home.

    “It would be nice to know how she got in my yard though,” Bettley said. 

    That was another big questions investigators still had. 

    They still didn’t know if the woman walked into the yard or if someone put her body there. 

    “She looked a little banged up. It could have been from falling down. I have some logs back there or someone could have put her there,” Bettley said.

    Investigators still had a lot of questions about what happened after spending hours at the scene.   

    Police weren’t sure if foul play was involved. They are waiting on autopsy results to get the answer.  Those should be available in the next few days.