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Several Water Main Breaks Reported in Windsor



    Several Water Main Breaks Reported in Windsor

    Crews are working on three separate water main breaks throughout the northeast section of Windsor Sunday night.

    According to the Metropolitan District Commission, there is a 20-inch water main break under the Farmington River near Palisado Ave and Pleasant Street. Residents in that area have been without water since 8:00 p.m.  It is unknown how long those repairs will take.

    The MDC plans to reroute water from a nearby water treatment plant to supply those homes without water.

    A second water main break happened on Tobey Ave near Plymouth Street. About 30 homes are affected. Officials said it will take up to 4-6 hours to repair.

    Crews are also working to repair a third break on Portman Street.

    Police Captain Tom Lepore said he believes the breaks are all related.

    "From what I'm being told, if they do not already have water right now, they will very shortly. Water pressure is building back up." said Lepore.

    Repairs on Tobey Ave and Portman Street are expected to be finished early Monday morning.