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Hundreds of Volunteers Expected for Fairfield Cleanup



    Hundreds of Volunteers Expected for Fairfield Cleanup

    It’s been more than a week since Hurricane Sandy touched our shores and left a trail of devastation behind. Now, folks in Fairfield are determined to pick up the pieces; hundreds have volunteered for a cleanup event Sunday.

    “It’s been really tough. I’m still not back in my house,” said Liz Flavin.

    To Liz Flavin, the wrath of Hurricane Sandy wears on. Flood waters from the storm ruined her basement, making the rest of her house temporarily unlivable.

    “They had to replace a boiler and then they had to rip out the…sheetrock and the insulation…and dry-out the whole basement before we can even think about moving back,” said Flavin.

    While the storm is long-gone, the damage it left behind is everywhere in town.

    “You drive around and you feel like you’re in a different country,” said Lindsey Morton.

    Luckily for Fairfield and its residents, help is on the way.

    Starting tomorrow at 9:30 a.m., hundreds of volunteers are expected to meet at the Jennings Beach parking lot to begin cleanup efforts on the beach.

    The event was organized by Lindsey Morton and some of her friends.

    “We have teams designated for the beaches, we have teams designated for the school, and teams designated for the parks around the area,” said Morton.

    As of Saturday tonight, 800 volunteers have signed up. However, Morton said the group could use more help.

    “If anybody wants to help with donations, we would love to feed our volunteers tomorrow. So, come on down,” added Morton.

    Flavin said the community has pulled together, and she can’t help but be grateful.

    “People just showed up to help me in ways I could have never, ever imagined,” said Flavin.

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