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911 Calls Released in Watertown Home Invasion

Police are looking for two men and a gun used during the home invasion.



    Frantic 911 Call After Violent Home Invasion

    An 87 year old woman called for help after police say she was assaulted and robbed at her Watertown home on Wednesday She told the dispatcher the two men threatened to shoot her and she was hurt. Police are still looking for the suspects (Published Friday, Oct. 18, 2013)

    Newly released 911 calls reveal the frantic moments for an 87-year-old woman moments after she was the victim of a home invasion in Watertown.

    "Two men just assaulted me.  They came into my house and knocked me down," Alma York told a Watertown dispatcher.

    At 9:06 a.m on Wednesday, two men invaded York's home in the 600 block of Sunnyside Avenue in the Oakville section of town, pistol whipped her and tore an earring from her ear before burglarizing the house, police said.

    "They went downstairs.  They looked for my car keys. They took my wallet and everything else and they took my pocketbook," York told the dispatcher.  "They had a gun and they said they'd shoot me."

    A Watertown dispatcher stayed on the phone with York while officers rushed to the scene.  York wasn't sure if the men were still inside her house, so the dispatcher told her to go outside.

    At one point on the call, York noticed she had been injured.

    "Oh, I'm bleeding," she said.

    On Friday, police said they have developed "strong leads" in the case.

    York told police the two people forced their way into her home after claiming they wanted to use her telephone. 

    One man held her down on the floor of her bathroom while the other searched her home, she said. 

    "I was so angry, hoping I could get to him and he said, 'If you make a noise, we'll shoot you," York said just after the attack on Wednesday.

    "They said, 'Is anyone else in the house?' and I said, 'Yes, my son.  He's downstairs.' They said, 'How old is he?' I said, 'He's in his thirties.' Well, he wasn't.  He was at work and he's in his 60s, but they left," said York.

    The intruders stole her wallet, her cell phone, and her jewelry. 

    Police continue to search for the intruders and believe the men are the same people suspected of using the same ploy to gain entry into homes in the area within the past few days.  

    York said she's thankful she wasn't hurt worse.

    "I'm OK," she said.

    One of the intruders is described as being in his late teens or early 20s. He is 5-feet-7 and was wearing a black jacket with the logo “Rugby” on it and gold and yellow lettering, as well as a light colored hoodie. 

    The second man was also in his late teens or early 20s. He is 5-feet-10 and was wearing a blue and gray jacket with camouflage print on the back.

    Both had heavy accents, but no information was available on what kind of accent. 

    Police said it is possible that the intruders ran into neighboring apartment complexes which straddle the city limits of the Oakville section of Watertown and Waterbury. 

    Police are also searching for the gun used during the home invasion.

    They ask anyone with information about the crime to call the police department at 860-945-5200 or Water-Oak Crime Stoppers at 860-945-9940. 

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