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Lawmaker Attempts to Hide From Angry Taxpayers

Resorts to a drastic measure so he won't be recognized in public.



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    A Connecticut legislator has taken a drastic measure to avoid people on the street complaining to him about increased taxes.

    How much are legislators feeling the pressure of voting on a budget that raises taxes during an economic crisis?

    Rep. Zeke Zalaski, a Democrat from Southington, has taken the legislative plates off his car because of complaints he gets about taxes when he fills up with gas, he told NBC Connecticut Wednesday.

    He wants Gov. Dannel Malloy, also a Democrat, to raise taxes only on the wealthy, something Malloy has said he will try not to do. Right now, Malloy's budget includes increases in the income tax, as well as tax hikes on cigarettes, alcohol and gasoline.

    "There are quite a few votes that are objecting to some of the things in the budget," said Zalaski, "and I think that he's willing to make some changes. He hasn't drawn a line in the sand on everything yet."

    Zalaski signed a letter with 65 of the 99 House Democrats earlier this month complaining about the budget.

    So did Rep. Don Clemons, from Bridgeport. But after Malloy agreed to restore most of the property tax credit and the earned income tax credit, Clemons signed off on the budget.

    "I know things are gonna be tweaked," said Clemons, "but overall, it seems to be a budget that bodes with what the governor and everybody have been talking about in terms of shared sacrifice."