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Leak Develops in Large Waterbury Water Main



    Leak Develops in Large Waterbury Water Main
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    Crews in Waterbury are monitoring a leak in a water main.

    Officials in Waterbury are keeping a close eye on a leak in one of the largest water mains in the city.

    On Friday, a leak developed in a main on Thomaston Avenue that supplies water to 20 percent of homes and businesses in the city.

    Road crews have not been able to fix it because they are waiting for a special part to come from out of state.

    City officials hope to have the main fixed by next Monday and the mayor’s staff is watching the situation and holding daily meetings in the meantime.

    "We believe we have a joint leak on the 36-inch transmission main. It's one of the main feeds of the city. We are monitoring that," Don Carver, superintendent of water, said.  

    Waterbury police said the leak made the roads slick and black ice caused two car crashes over the weekend.  For now, the water running into the Mad River

    Mario Fusco, who owns Paba's Restaurant just a few hundred feet away from the leak, said this is the third break in the past few years. Every time it has to be fixed, his customers are cut off from his restaurant.

    “They shut down the road. This time of year it's hard to lose a weekend," Fusco said. "We were hoping it would get cleared up before the weekend."