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Lebanon Student Brings Gun to School

The child brought the gun on the bus and into Lebanon Elementary School Tuesday.



    A student showed up to an elementary school in Lebanon with a gun this week. 

    One parent ,who wanted to be anonymous, told NBC Connecticut that student was a kindergartner and claimed the boy threatened his 4-year-old daughter with the weapon on the school bus.

    "Potentially my kid could have been shot, my kid could have been killed,” that father said.  “She said the kid pulled out a gun pointed it at her, and her friend and said I'm going to shoot you guys and they immediately hugged each other and started screaming and got the bus drivers attention.”

    He said his daughter told him a kindergartner from Lebanon Elementary made the threat after school Tuesday afternoon.

    Outrage Over a Gun Onboard a Lebanon School Bus

    [HAR] Outrage Over a Gun Onboard a Lebanon School Bus
    A father is angered after his four-year-old daughter had a gun pointed at her on her school bus by a kindergarten student. The superintendent sent out a letter that said nobody was in danger. But for this father that is simply not enough.
    (Published Thursday, May 24, 2012)

    “It happened on the way home so this kid must have had the gun in school with him the entire day,” the father said. 

    He said he didn’t know about it until his preschooler mentioned it the next day and claimed the district never said a word.

    “The principal the bus driver everyone dropped the ball on such a serious matter,” he said.

    On Thursday, parents got a letter in the mail from the Superintendent that said a gun was on the bus and in the school.  She added that students were never put in danger because the gun didn’t work.  “My kids should not be exposed to guns,” that parent said. 

    NBC Connecticut tried to ask the district how the gun got inside the school, and how long it was there for, but the Superintendent wouldn’t answer our questions.

    “How does this kid get access to a gun? Guns are supposed to be locked up in safes,” that parent explained.  He wanted answers too.

    “I'm really, really upset because my child is four years old and got a gun pointed to her face,” the parent added. 

    State Police are investigating this case.  On Thursday, there was no word if anyone was facing criminal charges.