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Lines Forming at Gas Stations



    Lines Forming at Gas Stations

    With Hurricane Sandy getting closer to the east coast, storm preparations continued. In Glastonbury, long lines formed outside one gas station which was packed as early as 7:00am Saturday.

    Residents filled gas tanks and separate gas containers to stock up on fuel for generators.

    One resident had come to the gas station after buying some new gas cans at a local hardware story. Ed Spinella of Glastonbury said, "Better prepared than not, I can always use the gas if I don't use it for the generator, so we'll see what happens."

    Another resident, Chris Halpin of Glastonbury, added "We're trying to get enough gas for a few days, in case we lose power. I'm testing my generator which I Haven't turned on since last fall."

    There were no reports of gas stations that had completely run out of fuel.