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MDC Impostors Rob Hartford Home

There was a two-hour delay before police responded and investigators want to know why.



    MDC Impostors Rob Hartford Home

    The Metropolitan District Commission is warning customers after a group of men posing as water company employees entered a residence in Hartford and robbed the homeowners.

    On Monday night, two males claiming to be MDC employees knocked on the door of a Hubbard Street home, according to Hartford Police Lt. Brian Foley, entered the residence and asked the elderly residents to take them into the basement to check the water pressure.

    When the homeowners got suspicious and asked the men to leave, two other males entered the home.

    The four males then proceeded to steal a safe filled $10,000 and jewelry from the home, according to police.

    Investigators said the home invasion happened around 5 p.m., but they did not respond to the house until 7 p.m. and they will be looking into what caused the delay and how the report was dispatched.

    Police are investigating similar incidents involving MDC impostors in Newington and West Hartford in the past few months.

    Meanwhile, the MDC is urging residents to be alert for impostors.

    The men who robbed the Hartford home were not wearing uniforms, police said, and they believe the robbers knew there was cash in the house and where to find it.

    Spokeswoman Kerry Martin said that the clothing MDC employees wear vehicles they drive are clearly marked with the MDC logo.

    Martin also urges customers to ask for identification and every MDC employee will gladly present it upon request.

    Martin also said to follow the policy “No Identification, No Entry.”