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Mail Delivery Dilemma



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    There's a delivery dilemma in Meriden and it's all about the mail.

    There's a mail delivery dilemma in Meriden.

    Mail is sometimes being being delivered to companies after employees have left for the day, several business owners said. Sometimes it does not show up until days late.

    As the U.S. Postal Service works through the changes, businesses have seen their mail arriving later and later. Residents have started to complain as well.

    The problem seems to have arisen when nine mail routes were stopped in Meriden. 

    Route Cuts Make Mailman Later

    [HAR] Route Cuts Make Mailman Later
    Rain, snow and sleet aren't keeping the postal carrier away, but some route cuts are making him later, residents and business leaders in Meriden say.
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008)

    The carriers are unhappy as well, complaining of having to work 10 hours a day and not being able to do their tried and true routes, mail carrier union representative Paul Daniels said.

    To make matters worse, Daniels said, homes and businesses in Middletown could soon see those same type of delays. The postal service has plans to eliminate three routes there in the next few weeks.

    A postal service spokesperson told NBC Connecticut that the route reconfigurations are necessary because of the economic downturn and a decrease in mail volume.

    The mail carrier union and the postal service are working together to solve the delays in Meriden. With only three routes being removed in Middletown, postal service is not expecting the same delays.

    Routes in other towns are also being evaluated.